Kjell Westö


Meet Kjell Westö at the following events this winter and spring


10-12.1 Publication of the novel Yellow Sulphur Sky in French (Nos souvenirs sont des fragments de reves) in Paris

24.1 Appearance in Lund, Sweden

25.1 Appearance in Höganäs, Sweden

26.1 Appearance at The International stage at Kulturhuset in Stockholm

27.1 Appearance at the Educa education fair at Helsinki Convention Centre

3.2 Appearance in Lovisa

6.2 Appearance at Göteborgs Litteraturhus in Gothenburg, Sweden

7.2 Appearance in Trollhättan, Sweden

8.2 Appearance in Åmål, Sweden

12.2 Lecture about The Finnish Civil War 1918 at Helsingin Työväenopisto

13.2 Appearance at Svartå library

14.2 Appearance at Riihimäki Library

20.2 Appearance at The Paulus Church in Vallila, Helsinki

23-25.2 Participation in I Boreali Nordic Festival in Milano, Italy

26.2 Appearance at Martinlaakso Library, Vanda

28.2 Appearance at Malmi Library, Helsinki

12.3 Appearance at Kotka Library

14.3 Appearance at Länsimäki and Kannelmäki Library in Vantaa and Helsinki

9.4  Appearance at Suomalainen Klubi in Helsinki

12.5 Lecture about the The Finnish Civil War 1918 in Sammatti

25.5  Appearance at Helsinki Lit at the  Savoy Theatre in Helsinki

30.6. Reading at Ruoveden Kamarimusiikkijuhlat