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Nominated for the Finlandia Prize 2002


Kjell Westö - Lang

“Kjell Westö’s Lang is creditable as literature and as a critique of culture and our times. Finnish literature at its finest, and it also has links to a broader European conversation.”
—Timo Hämäläinen, Helsingin Sanomat newspaper (Helsinki)

“ (…) a detailed and utterly convincing depiction of the everyday.”
—Michael Dibdin, The Guardian (UK)

“But Kjell Westö has taken it further. He has burst through the traditional boundaries of family portraits to address personal responsibility and the issue of the limits of what people are willing to do for one another. In his analysis of our sick society, which television seems to praise more than expose in its short-term spotlight and treacherous exposure, Westö is clear-eyed and angry. […]

Lang is a novel about the illogical collisions of emotions and reason in life. With its frenzy and its earnestness, its atmospheric setting and deft satire, it is a delight to read.”
—Heidi von Born, Svenska Dagbladet (Sweden)