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Där vi en gång gått

(Where We Once Walked)


Awarded with the Finlandia Prize 2006


Kjell Westö - Där vi en gång gått

“Kjell Westö has a remarkable ability to immerse himself in the past. He is a master of detail and nuance, capable of describing hues, smells and sounds in a way that makes his descriptions absolutely believable. He has made a detailed study of the time and the milieu he writes about. There must be a huge amount of work behind the finished text and its language, which is such a perfect match for the spirit of the era. If that were not the case, the novel as a whole wouldn’t work either.”
—Tom Karlsson, Lysmasken magazine (Finland)

“Westö’s novel, a chronicle spanning 36 years, is an adventure in reading that should be savoured. […] He writes about his country with a unique presence and involvement.”
—Heidi von Born, Svenska Dagbladet newspaper (Sweden)

“The intensity, intellectual clarity, precision and elegance with which Westö recreates a changing, living, pulsating Helsinki is unsurpassed.”
—Eva Kuhlefelt, Hufvudstadsbladet newspaper (Finland)

“Westö is so brilliant, in both his style and his content, it almost seems superhuman.”
—Cathrine Krøger, Dagbladet newspaper (Norway)