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Den svavelgula himlen

(Yellow Sulphur Sky)



Yellow Sulphur Sky stretches back to the narrator’s sun-bleached childhood memories of the ‘60s all the way to today’s growing darkness. A masterful tale of how love and friendship come to be, how these develop over time, and how we are crucially shaped by gender, class and the times we live in. An epic depiction of generations, family bonds and Helsinki, about hopes and dreams, love and memories – Kjell Westö at his very best.

Yellow Sulphur Sky (Den svavelgula himlen) is Kjell Westö´s seventh novel. It will be published in the autumn 2017 in Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian and Danish, with French, German and Dutch translation rights also sold.




“Magnificent novel from Helsinki: The new and staggeringly intense Yellow Sulphur Sky. […] In the same year that Finland celebrates its 100th anniversary as an independent nation, comes the autumn’s best Swedish novel from Finland […] Precisely as in classic family chronicles, like Thomas Mann’s Buddenbrooks and Giuseppe Tomasi de Lampedusa’s The Leopard, Kjell Westö calls forth the staggering sense of time passing. […] Yellow Sulphur Sky is a novel of immense intensity. One reads it with a mixture of enjoyment and sadness, filled with compassion for the people who inhabit it – and the world around us. It is unusual to think that an almost 500-page novel is much too short.”
Dagens Nyheter


“You want to get to the end as much as you want the book never to end.”
Helsingin Sanomat


“There are many echoes from Westö’s earlier works in Yellow Sulphur Sky, from the variation of specific scenes to major themes, [and] the divide between strong and weak people. But at the same time, Yellow Sulphur Sky stands on its own two feet. The depictions of growing up are masterfully accomplished and full of humour. Westö is master of his settings, scenes, and characters.”